When you think of the 1980s, one name that probably comes to mind is Robert Palmer. The British singer and songwriter was a household name during the decade, thanks in large part to his hit songs “Addicted to Love” and “I Want Your Sex.” Known for his raspy vocals and catchy tunes, Palmer has left an enduring legacy on music and culture. In this blog post, we will explore the life and times of Robert Palmer, from his humble beginnings to his iconic status in the 1980s.

Robert Palmer (1948-2003)

Robert Palmer was born on October 15, 1948 in Basildon, Essex, England. He began his music career in the late 1960s with a group called The New Romantic movement and released his first album in 1970. Palmer experienced mainstream success with his 1973 album “Emotion” and his 1977 album “Atomic Heart.” However, it was his 1982 album “Somebody’s Watching Me” which propelled him to international stardom.

Palmer’s popularity waned in the 1990s but he returned to prominence with the release of his 2001 album “Real Life.” He died on July 17, 2003 at the age of 53 after a long battle with cancer.

The Making of Simply Irresistible

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the life and career of Robert Palmer. We’ll explore his early years, his music and how it has impacted people, and his death.

Robert Palmer was born on October 19th, 1955 in London, England. He began playing the piano at a young age and gained some recognition from local talent shows. In 1973, he formed The Easybeats with school friend John McVie. They released their first single “Friday on My Mind” which became a minor hit in Australia.

In 1974, they were signed to imprint record label Immediate Records and released their debut album “Ten Second Epic”. The album was moderately successful but it wasn’t until 1978’s “Sweet Tea” that they really started to make a name for themselves. The song peaked at number two on the UK charts and sold over one million copies worldwide. After “Sweet Tea”, they released several more successful albums including “Animals” (1980), “Let’s Dance” (1983), and “Emerald City” (1985).

Palmer had multiple health problems throughout his life including an addiction to drugs and alcohol which led to several cancelled tours as well as hospitalizations. He died on October 15th, 2003 due to cardiac arrest at the age of 47.

The Music of Simply Irresistible

Few can lay claim to having had as much of a musical impact on the world as Robert Palmer. His career spans over 30 years, during which time he released 13 studio albums and 110 singles. His music has been covered by stars like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Barbra Streisand, and his songs have been featured in films like The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect 2. In this post, we take a look at everything you need to know about the man behind Simply Irresistible.

Robert Anthony Palmer was born in London on February 19th, 1963. He was the second child of two English parents, and from an early age showed an interest in music. His father played the trumpet while his mother sang in a church choir, and it was these influences that would shape Palmer’s future career choice. At 17 years old, he began working as a session musician for various record labels. It wasn’t until he met producer Richard Feldman that Palmer found his true calling: producing music himself. Together they created the band The Higsons, which released one successful album before disbanding in 1984.

The Legacy of Simply Irresistible

  • Robert Palmer was an icon in the music industry and one of the most popular musicians of all time. He died at the age of 53 after a long battle with alcoholism, but his legacy lives on.
  • Palmer began his musical career as a member of The Rationals, a band formed in 1974. The Rationals released two albums before breaking up in 1976. Palmer then joined forces with guitarist Larry Lee and bassist Dennis Diken to form The Power Station.
  • The Power Station released four albums between 1978 and 1983 before disbanding. In 1985, Palmer formed The Robert Palmer Band with drummer Clem Burke and guitarist Alex Ligertwood. The Robert Palmer Band released five albums between 1985 and 1992 before splitting up.
  • Palmer then formed the backing band for Tina Turner, which consisted of himself, keyboardist Andy Richards, guitarists Vadim Garabedian and Craig Graney, bassist John Payne, and percussionist Tony Levin. The Tina Turner Tour 2001-2002 featured 83 shows across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.
  • In 2003, Palmer reformed The Robert Palmer Band with Burke on drums and Ligertwood on guitar. They released two albums before splitting up again in 2006.
  • Palmer’s final album was titled simply Irresistible and was released in 2010 after he had been sober for seven years.

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Robert Palmer was one of the biggest rockstars of his era, and his music will forever be remembered. From the early days in Brisbane to superstardom on the international stage, Simply Irresistible tells Robert Palmer’s story in all its glory. This biography is packed with never-before-seen photos and documents from Robert’s personal archive, as well as interviews with his family and friends. Whether you were a fan of Robert Palmer or just curious about him, this book is for you.