Internet memes are a dime a dozen these days, and most of them are pretty harmless. But there’s one particular internet meme that seems to be making people angry – the animated baby. Why is this particular meme so hated? Beats us. But we can tell you that it’s all because of the outrageously bad animation. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out this video and see for yourself why so many people seem to hate it: Are you one of those people who can’t stand the animated baby? Or do you think it’s hilarious? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Background of the Animated Baby

The animated baby video that went viral in February of this year has elicited a strong reaction on the internet. The video, which was created by a user on YouTube by the name of MrBean, features an adorable baby crawling around and making silly noises. However, many people on the internet have found the video to be disturbing and have condemned it as child pornography.

The original upload of the MrBean Baby video had reportedly been pulled from YouTube for violating its policy against child pornography, but it subsequently resurfaced online. The main reason for the outcry against the video is that many viewers believe that it is portraying an infant in a way that is inappropriate and hurtful. One critic wrote on Slate: “This isn’t funny or cute; it’s cruel.”

Many viewers are also disturbed by what they see as implied sexual behavior in the video. For example, when the baby crawls onto its back, one commentator writes: “She’s spread her legs like she wants him inside her.” Another observer notes: “He starts licking her right where her pubic mound would be.”

Some viewers argue that these behaviors are standard activities for babies when they are playing together and do not represent any kind of sexualized depiction of an infant. Others maintain that regardless of whether or not these behaviors constitute sexualization, they are still disturbing and upsetting because they imply that the baby is enjoying what is happening to her.

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The Online Reaction to the Animated Baby

The online reaction to the animated baby video has been overwhelmingly negative. Comments on YouTube and social media range from “gross” to “disgusting.” Some viewers have said that they can’t believe the creators of the video would release something like this, while others have asked why anyone would want to watch it.

Many people have suggested that the baby is racist because it is drawn with a black outline around its eyes and mouth. Others have said that the baby looks deformed or monstrous. One commenter wrote, “Is this an insult to all babies? What’s next? A cartoon character with a big nose and no hair?”

Some people have defended the video, saying that it’s just a joke and that no one was actually hurt in making it. But overall, most people seem to find it unpleasant or offensive.

Possible Explanations for the Hate

There are many theories as to why the Internet seems to hate this animated baby. Some say that it’s because the character is based on an infantile drawing from a website called Funnyjunk. The site is known for posting low-quality memes and GIFs, which may have rubbed some people the wrong way.

Others believe that the character’s laugh is creepy and unsettling, especially when paired with its eyes that seem to look right through you. Some viewers suggest that it gives off a “creepy” vibe, which could be why so many people find it objectionable.

One possible explanation for why the Internet hates this animated baby is that it reminds us of our own mortality. We all face the prospect of death at some point in our lives, and sometimes we can’t help but see similarities between ourselves and the little baby in question.


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