Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Weekend Celebrations For Wedding

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are set to celebrate their marriage at an invite-only party.

According to, guests will include their families and close friends. When Lopez and Affleck were originally going to tie the knot 20 years ago before calling off the engagement, the newlyweds were supposed to hold the ceremony at Ben‘s 87-acre property – where the party is now taking place this weekend.

Today marks Ben‘s 50th birthday and unCrazed understands that the Batman actor is celebrating with his family and mother on the East Coast, with Jennifer in and around New York City, making it possible that we may see the duo together before they head back to Affleck‘s Georgia home for the weekend of wedding celebrations.

We are sure that a family and friends celebration will also include celebrating Ben‘s milestone birthday. The pair made their marriage official on July 16, 2022 during an intimate Las Vegas ceremony.

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