Awesome Top 3 Best Gaming Laptops Under 1000$

If you are looking for a smooth and crispy laptop for day-to-day tasks like browsing, watching videos on YouTube, and even light gaming — all in an affordable price range, HP Pavilion is your go-to choice.

It has a great battery life withstanding up to 6-8 hours of hardcore tasks. And even best, it has a touch screen, you know, just pinch and zoom. Just like you do with your mobile or tablet. In fact, it’s not just a laptop. With its tablet mode, you can just use it as a tablet and watch your favourite podcasts, documentaries, and movies in full HD — in any position you love. That’s just so comfortable.

And even better, if you are a teacher or a student and you often go online for zoom meetings to take classes, this is the laptop you can trust. It’s camera is decent, and works aptly in almost every lighting condition.

And you know what I really love about this laptop? It’s the Tent mode. You can just fold it upside down in a v-shaped manner, so the surface comes down in front of you as a stand. You can then easily draw or make notes on it. Or you can lay-down on your tummy, if your back hurts by sitting continuously, and watch movies and TV, making yourself comfortable. You can even attend your zoom classes while laying down on your bed by being all-comfy and cozy — although I would not recommend that.

So all in all, this has got everything on point, especially the price. You can get it now on Amazon and also see how other folks are talking about it.


  • Black color
  • 14″ wide full HD IPS Backlit Display with Multi-Touch and TouchScreen (1920 × 1080)
  • Core i5-1035G1 10th Gen Processor with 3.4GHz Turbo Boost, 1.0 Base Frequency
  • 512GB NVME PCIe M.2 SSD Storage
  • 8GB SDRAM DDR4-3200 (Not upgradable)
  • Battery: 9+ Hours for normal use, approx. 7 hours with video playback, and 9+ hours with wireless streaming
  • Fast-charging: 0-50% in 45 minutes
  • Auto BIOS Recovery Available
  • HD Webcam with WI-Fi 6
  • Versatile usage: Use it as a tablet and folded V-shaped mode as a stand for drawing
  • Weighs 3lb, without charger

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