5 Reasons Why Choose Immune Defence (Review 2020)

Immune Defense Review

Immune Defence is considered one of the finest immune system support formulas released to the market. The supplement is loaded with the richness as well as the potency of a selection of essential minerals and vitamins. Users get the healthiness of Vitamins such as A, E, and C, along with an ideal daily dose of Zinc.

This unique supplement can supply a soothing effect on the user, together when combined with a number of herbs & extracts. As the name seems to indicate, it assists in boosting the entire body’s natural immune system. As a result, it is effective in a number of instances and situations. Users are able to use this supplement when they’re in the midst of a cold or even fever. Furthermore, it works for different symptoms of these illnesses such as coughing, sneezes and a lot more.


Reasons Why Choose Immune Defence?

On a very essential level, what this immune system support supplement does is that it supplies the body with essential nutrients to boost immunity. These could work as a means of protection and ensure that the entire body doesn’t remain sick for extended periods. Moreover, it is able to work by:

1- Supporting the human body with natural additions.

Among the main reasons behind this unique product’s rise to success is the list of natural ingredients it offers to its users. With a number of nutrients, minerals and also vitamins available, users don’t have to be worried about any type of issues with respect to immunity.

2- Protection from viral infection.

It is common during flu season for a person to be affected by any type of cold or flu virus. This becomes much less common if the body is a means of protecting itself from the new attack. This unique supplement ensures that users will have just that available to them.

3- A decrease in flu symptoms.

In case one is already suffering from the flu, this amazing supplement can help make the experience much more manageable by minimizing the duration of the flu symptoms. This makes the supplement a good choice for individuals who are still in the midst of flu too.

4- Strengthens the immune system.

One other way this supplement operates is it provides a stronger immune system to the user. The body’s natural immune system is responsible for the elimination of any type of harmful bacteria that might reside. Due to this purpose, it has to be strengthened as much as possible.

5- Work for every age.

Finally, this unique supplement is among the premier options out there mainly because it is powerful for everybody. In case you are on any medication, talk to your doctor before using it. (Individual results might vary.)

ID - Zinc

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Immune Defence Ingredients

There are several main substances included in this supplement. Some of the primary active ingredients include

  • Sugar
  • Rose Hip Powder: It’s rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents and is often used as an effective treatment for arthritis. This plant strengthens the immune system (1).
  • Zinc Gluconate: It can influence the common cold by releasing free zinc ions. A study in JRSM Open showed that the common cold is significantly shortened by taking zinc lozenges.
  • Acerola Powder: This is a powerful superfood that is full of antioxidants. It’s very healing for your immune system (2).
  • Aniseed Oil
  • Magnesium Stearate

Nutritional Information:

Each lozenge provides on average 2.5mg of Vitamin C (3.13%*) and 3.5mg of Elemental Zinc (35%*)

Directions for use:

Suck one lozenge every 2 hours when required. Do not take more than 4 lozenges per day.

Benefits of Ingredients of Immune Defence

1- Natural ingredients backed by scientific studies.

In combination with the key ingredient, zinc, Immune Defence is actually composed of Rosehip that is a supply of vitamins A, C, and e along with Acerola, which also contains a supply of vitamins A & C. Each of these natural ingredients leads to the immune system’s normal performance.

2- Defends against viruses during cold as well as flu season

Ensuring that your body has plenteous levels of zinc and vitamins, provides you with the perfect chance of boosting your resistance to extremely contagious viruses.

3- Limit the duration of flu and cold symptom

Zinc lozenges are supported by studies that led to the duration of cold and flu-like symptoms being cut down by about 50 %. Immune

Defence can be utilized to reduce the effect of symptoms as soon as they begin and speed up overall recovery time.

4- Protect your immune system from higher stress levels

When you’re stressed, the impact weakens your body’s immune system leaving you feeling run down and exhausted as your body’s immune system’s competency to fight pathogens is significantly reduced. In turn, this will make you much more vulnerable to viruses and infections. The zinc in Immune Defence can help support and also boost your immune system to better protect you during stressful times.

ID - Vitamin C

5- Vital immune support for the whole family

Children are highly susceptible to colds and flu. And the elderly are particularly prone to zinc deficiency, meaning their immune systems are at higher risk. Immune Defence zinc lozenges are suitable for adults and children over the age of 12, so you can protect the health and wellbeing of your whole family.

Immune Defence supplement is only available on the official website here – immunedefence.com.

Immune Defence Pros

  • 14 mg of Zinc per daily dosage
  • 10 mg Vitamin C per daily dosage
  • Contains Vitamins A, E & C
  • Ingredients are back by studies
  • Vegan friendly
  • Suitable for children aged 12+
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Each package can be purchased with free and fast shipping.

Immune Defence Cons

  • If you exceed the dosage it might result in abdominal pain, nausea, lethargy, anemia, and also copper deficiency.
  • This is one of the more expensive immune booster brands.
  • Not everyone will enjoy the flavor of the lozenges.

The Bottom line

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the ingredients included in Immune Defence are really what are required to not only protect but also improve your immune system. If you are younger and under stress, middle-aged with little time to protect against colds and infections or elderly and also have a lower immune system, this product can assist a magnitude of people!

The superior quality of its ingredients, as well as high levels of zinc and vitamin C, ensures you are getting the most from this supplement. It is also vegan friendly and also has no side effects providing you don’t go over the daily recommended dosage.

Immune Defence can be purchased in single and family packs, making sure you can protect your whole family. Its pleasant taste and also lozenge form can make it super easy to take as a pose to tablets or capsules which often children don’t like.

Finally, Immune Defence is an affordable, high-quality product that you can use to protect and also improve your own as well as your families’ immune systems.

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